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Disadvantages of Homeschooling

Many people let the disadvantages of homeschooling keep them from even entertaining the idea of homeschooling their children. There will be advantages and disadvantages to anything you do in life. Parents have a choice of whether they want to give in to the disadvantages or work to overcome them. Here are a few disadvantages that I see when it comes to homeschooling:

1. Others might criticize you. Homeschooling is a hot topic these days and many people have strong opinions on whether it is right or wrong for students. A parent can choose to give in to this peer pressure or they can look at what is best for their child instead. In many cases homeschooling is what is best for a student and if parents keep that in focus, they will be able to let the criticism from others roll off their backs. No one else will have to answer for what a parent chooses as their child's education except the parent.

2. Housework might be more difficult. If a parent is working with children all day, they might not have as much time to keep up with housework. More people will be in the house making more messes. If the parent understands child training though, they can work at having their children contribute to the household chores and possibly not have as much stress in this area as they think they will have. They won't have the whole house to themselves all day like public school parents will have, but they will be able to have joy in teaching their children what they need to know in the environment of their choosing.

3. Fear and guilt will creep in. So many parents think that they have to have 12 years of schooling mapped out before they start homeschooling. They worry that they are not doing enough or that they are keeping their children from something in the school. All parents deal with fear and guilt no matter whether they are homeschooling or not. The question is what they will do with that fear and guilt. If a parent feels called to homeschool and understands that they will sometimes feel inadequate, they can often overcome those feelings by focusing on their goals and doing what is best for their child.

4. No varsity sports - In most states, homeschoolers cannot participate in varsity sports. That is something that each family needs to work through. Most students are not star athletes and can get just as much instruction and physical training from community sports activities, lessons or homeschool group events.

As with anything in life, there will be advantages and disadvantages to any educational option parents choose for their children. If they pray and ask God to show them what is best for their children, He will show them what option to choose. The advantages can often far outweigh the disadvantages of homeschooling. Each family can make their decision based on what they believe will be best for their student.

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