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Personalized Learning Plan

Because every child is unique, so is our curriculum.

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Schools place children in the grade according to one criteria; the student's birthday. We think it's more complicated than that.


We tailor a Personalized Learning Plan (no charge for enrollees) that is based on your child's actual level in any course. 

If your child is strong in language arts, we can enroll her in a higher grade. If your child is weak in math, we can enroll him in a lower grade.


When your child masters one grade level, we can immediately move her into the next level.  Seamlessly and without any cost.

No two children are alike. God created every child in the womb with unique fingerprints and special gifts. 


Why should one curriculum try to fit everyone?


It serves a brick and mortar school to have all children grouped by their birthdate but does an unnecessary injustice to the child and their academic development.

Our birthdate should not dictate our level in a subject, your child's needs should. This is just one of the many ways we are reinventing school to make it more meaningful and successful.

We also offer a wide selection of ELECTIVES to match the interests qnd passions of each child.

Your child's unique Personalized Learning Plan (PLP) is crafted after you enroll in a phone consultation with our Academic Counselors. When you enroll, select the grade your child would be in if enrolled in a brick and mortar.

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