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math 1

First Grade Math builds on the foundations introduced in Kindergarten. Students learn to count to higher numbers, learn about 3D shapes, adding and subtracting, and exploring graphs. Essential Expertise uses several interactive components to reiterate important concepts for the students..





Mathematics 117, Trigonometry, helps students develop skills sufficiently to write and use the definition of trigonometric functions; sketch the graph of the trigonometric functions; prove identities; solve trigonometric equations; learn and then apply the law of the sines and cosines; learn how to write a complex number in trigonometric form and find all the roots of a complex number; learn polar coordinates system and the graphs of some simple equations in polar; learn about conic sections (rectangular & polar), vector (applications & operations), and the exponential and logarithmic functions with applications and modeling. A calculator is required.


If you are not 100% thrilled with any course, we will swap it for free or refund your money. No questions.  

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We can include any of these individual courses in your FULL YEAR GRADE K-12 Program with Teachers or FULL YEAR  Grade K-12 without Teachers.

You will specify the exact courses after you enroll which we will help you with.

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